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The following terms of use have been set by the owner of the website and define the relationship between visitors / users and the website ("website"). Users are kindly requested to read the terms of use carefully, and if there is disagreement with any of them, this "website" should not be used. Its use implies acceptance of its terms. The "website" reserves the right to change the terms of use and personal data at any time and without prior notice, so it is requested to read the terms of use at each visit.

Terms of use

The content of the "website" may not be copied, reproduced, distributed and republished, in any form, without the prior consent of the owner of the "website". It is permissible to print or electronically store the content of the "website" for personal use, but its use for commercial purposes is prohibited in any way. Visitors / users who wish to subscribe to the services of the "website" must:

To declare their correct and complete details in the relevant space of the "website" and in the registration form

Be sure to update the "website" immediately, in case of change of the personal data they have submitted, so that they are always up to date, accurate and complete.

Suspension / Interruption of services

The "website" reserves the exclusive right, accepted by users / visitors, to disable the "website", temporarily or permanently, with or without notice, in order to rectify technical problems.

Ethics of users / visitors / subscribers

The user / visitor understands and accepts that, by using the services of the "website", he may be exposed to offensive, indecent or illegal content. In the event that the "website" receives notice that any content causes material damage or moral damage to a third party, reserves the right to immediately delete this content and at the same time to terminate the account of the user / visitor, who violates them. terms of this. Users / visitors agree not to use the services of the "website" for:

Posting, posting, posting, posting, posting, transmitting or otherwise using content to post content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, damaging, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise reprehensible violates the privacy of others; , causes feelings of hatred, and / or any other recommended criminal offense.

Causing harm to minors in any way.

Fake face of any legal or natural person or false statement about the identity of the user / visitor or misleading statement regarding the relationship and / or cooperation of the user / visitor with another legal or natural person.

Counterfeiting or other alteration of the distinctive features of users / visitors, in order to mislead as to the origin of the content transmitted through the services of the "website".

Posting, publishing, posting, posting, transferring, or using another method to install content by a person who does not have the right to make such content available, by law or in a confidential relationship.

Posting, publishing, sending, registering, transferring or using any other method to install software or content of any kind (text, image, audio, video, animation) that infringes any copyright of any entity (including trade secrets).

Posting, publishing, sending, posting, transmitting or using any other method to install authorized advertising or other product promotional content, sending junk mail or spam from the recipient of e-mails and any other form of unsolicited promotional content .

Posting, publishing, sending, registering, transferring, or using any other method to install and / or promote and / or dispose of content containing software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interfere with, corrupt, or restrict the operation of any software or computer equipment or telecommunications equipment.

Violation, with or without intent, of any applicable rule of local, national, European, international law and / or any rule that has legal force and concerns and / or covers any service of the "website".

Infringement in any way on the privacy and individual and social rights of other users / visitors (such as the collection and / or storage of personal data of other users / visitors / subscribers).

The user / visitor of the "website" understands and accepts that the "website" does not make a preliminary check of the content, but that the "website